Good news (for us not EDDC) on Knowle footpaths

19 Feb

Devon County Council is confirming rights of way on Knowle footpaths recommended by a recent inspector’s report.  The legalese is below for those who like that sort of thing!

6. Public Inquiry, Informal Hearing and Written Representation Decisions; Directions and High Court Appeals

The following decisions and directions have been received from the Secretary of State:

(a) Modification Orders

Schedule 14 Applications: addition of claimed footpaths in the grounds of Knowle, Sidmouth (Page 105).

A report on two applications to record footpaths on several routes in the grounds of Knowle, Sidmouth, between points E F G H J, G K L M N, H O and F-M shown on drawing number HTM/PROW/13/29, was presented to the Committee in June 2013.  Members resolved then that no Modification Order should be made for addition of the routes. An appeal by the applicants against that decision for one of the applications has been allowed in part and the Secretary of State has directed the County Council to make an Order adding public footpaths on two of the routes applied for, but not others. The routes to be added are along the roads providing vehicular access to the East Devon District Council buildings at Knowle and continuing onto paths in the parkland, between points E F x and N M L y. They lead to the boundary of land appropriated in 1973 as public open space managed since then as pleasure grounds and parkland. The direction is not to record public rights of way on other claimed routes running across that land as it already has existing rights of public access.

Recommendation: That members note the direction on behalf of the Secretary of State to make a Modification Order following the appeal decision partially allowed in respect of the application and give authorisation for an Order to be made adding the footpaths shown on the lines between points E F x and N M L y on drawing number HTM/PROW/13/29.

Electoral Division: Sidmouth Sidford

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