Consulting ….. and ignoring the results

21 Feb

BBC story here:

This was the subject of public comments and the top three public comments are reproduced below:

Top comment:

We all feel ignored by the political elite, who only exist to serve corporate fatcats.

Second most popular comment:

The government make a plan. The outcome of that plan is final. These so called ‘consultations’ are just a pantomine to make the public think that there is a democratic system in place in which they have a say in governmental matters… They don’t.

Third most popular comment:

This is just about the most arrogant government we have had in the last 50 years. If you just consider their relentless push to outsource everything in spite of the facts that a) they have no mandate to do so; b) overwhelming evidence it doesn’t work; and c) no evidence at all to suggest it does. On can only conclude that the motives are either corrupt or incompetence.



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