How many EDDC Sidmouth councillors are speaking about the town at the Local Plan inquiry on Tuesday? Not a single one!

22 Feb

Of course, they have not been whipped – they all came to their decisions independently didn’t they.  You are entitled to ask them why.

The list of speakers is:

East Devon District Council
29 Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce
67 Sidmouth Town Council
720 Futures Forum of the Vision Group for Sidmouth
1795 Mr Philip Wragg
1967 Mr Tim Ford
2062 Persimmon Homes (SW) Ltd
3248 Cliff Road Action Group
3496 Mr Keith Northover – represented by Mrs Julia Harbour 3589 Knowle Residents Association 3603 Mr K R Dent

3632 Mr Barry Curwen

3647 Mr Michael Temple
3747 Mr Graham Cooper
4019 Mr Richard Eley
6048 Mr Peter Whitfield
6139 Dr Stephen Wozniak
6184 Mrs Marianne Rixson
6225 Mrs Ann Jone
6276 Messrs I Barlow & D Burrows 6314 S Mathews
6359 Mr Ian Davies
6360 Mrs J A Green
6361 Mr G W Nicholson
6397 Save our Sidmouth
6920 Mr David Addis
6922 Cllr Mike Allen


3 Responses to “How many EDDC Sidmouth councillors are speaking about the town at the Local Plan inquiry on Tuesday? Not a single one!”

  1. Not sitting on the fence February 22, 2014 at 5:16 pm #

    At least Sidmouth Town Council will be represented at the Sidmouth hearing. But Sid Valley voters will certainly want to know why their Cllrs Sullivan, Newth and Drew and Hughes, are not seen to be fighting tooth and nail to support residents’ concerns, with the livelihood of their local independent shopkeepers and hoteliers at stake.
    Is Sidmouth Cllr Graham Troman the only one concerned about how the Sidford site came into the Local Plan? Honiton Councillor, Mike Allen, who WILL be speaking, could enlighten them about that, if they cared to ask.

    • Mike Allen April 15, 2014 at 11:20 pm #

      The short answer to the question is that the Inspector decided who would speak and I was asked to put forward the views from the Sidmouth Councillors because I was allowed by the Inspector to put forward my views on the Sidford site, which was his key concern. I am certain that if Sidmouth Councillors had been invited they would have put forward the same views. Once again you are attacking the wrong targets.

      Mike Allen

  2. Sandra Semple April 16, 2014 at 10:06 pm #

    No, everyone who registered to speak was allowed to do so – he didn’t choose. Also, you have misunderstood surely? This was about EDDC councillors not Sidmouth Town Councillors. No EDDC Sidmouth councillor asked to soeak.

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