Why DCC Tories all agreed not to let young people speak about youth cuts last week

24 Feb

Yet anothet amazing letter from Andrew Moulding:


Political Red Tape 1 – Young People and Democracy 0

and this response by Paul Arnott on this matter on Claire Wright’s blog is interesting:

What Andrew Moulding should be credited with is that he answered Paul Hayward’s vital question at all. The rule of thumb so often amongst our area’s leaders is to simply ignore such queries.

I think it’s tragic that someone like him – who has personally been involved in young people’s activities and welfare in the Axe Valley – should find himself associated with this matter … and the jobsworth content of the reply.

Andrew, your national party toots the Localism horn at every chance.  Yet your local party, particularly at District, seems to have digested the Kim Jong-un guidebook to Free Speech.

As Sandra Semple suggests above, is the only answer to this the ballot box? It is sad to believe as I do that the ruling party in our county is not competent to do anything more than crisis manage and watch its back, and let the devil take the future of our democracy. A democracy which was secured by WW1, the commemoration of which they will all be barging into photographs for in the coming years.

My late father fought in the next war, and then voted Tory his entire life because he believed that the Left was too close to Russia, where free speech cost lives. He would have been appalled to see the brainless way DCC’s Tory group denied the young people their say.


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