Building free-for-all in National Parks? Boles has a solution …

25 Feb

Sarah Wollaston, MP for Totnes is worried that if landowners in National Parks are free to convert their barns into accommodation it will be only for the rich, meaning that there is even less chance of people getting affordable homes in the nearby areas.

However, fear not, Nick Boles, the (in)famous Planning Minister has the solution: he says: “National Parks could instead be given guidance to look upon planning applications favourably“.

Now, there’s a solution!
Still, on the bright side, EDDC fought tooth-and-nail the idea, mooted favourably in Dorset, that the World Heritage Jurassic Coast should become a National Park, because they would lose control pf planning matters.
This way, they could retain control AND have a National Park with nothing changing!  Except, of course, that National Parks wouldn’t be National Parks any longer, they would be “development opportunities”.

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