W(h)ither the East Devon Business Forum Task and Finish Group?

25 Feb

Remember it?  Kicked into the long grass for as long as possible with many and varied excuses?

The main one (and it was an excuse not a reason) was that it must NOT take place whilst the Local Plan was being inspected – though we never really understood why, as it was nothing to do with the Inspector and he seems well able enough to take care of himself in these matters as some of his comments have shown – nothing quite like a blunt Lancastrian for showing who is in charge.

Well, that’s just about in its last week now so time to get the show back on the road boys and girls.

EDBF still has a fully-functioning website by the way – presumably paid for by EDDC as they didn’t get money from anyone else to run it – just one of the things that needs attention.

We look forward to seeing the agenda for the next meeting VERY shortly.  Remember, councils with Executive Boards must have Overview and Scrutiny Committees by law so that they can be seen to be accountable ……. er …..

One Response to “W(h)ither the East Devon Business Forum Task and Finish Group?”

  1. mikemastersid February 26, 2014 at 12:52 pm #

    Their domain (i.e. just the name) is paid for until 15 Nov 2014. The name is registered to (i.e. owned) by a person who happens to be the son of the founder-owner of a major family amusement park near Exeter. They’re all in bed together, nothing new.

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