There are more questions than answers …..

27 Feb

Well, lots of Tory smug faces last night.  And many unanswered questions.  And does anyone remember public consultation on this move?

Some questions (you will no doubt have your own)

How much are WE really paying for it

Are WE buying a tin shed or are we leasing it at Skypark?

If we are leasing it, how much are WE going to be paying for it.

Who is going to be responsible for the areas around the new HQ – will WE need an army of maintenance people or will owners of Skypark St Modwyn be footing the bill?

Will WE be able to get to Skypark by public transport?

How much will it cost to maintain annually – more or less than Knowle, how much more, how much less (tricky one this, because Knowle maintenance has been (some would say) deliberately cut back in the years of this Tory administration.

When will the secret documents that have been kept from us throughout this entire process be available to us?

…. part 2 when calmed down …..

If WE go by car will we be allowed to park?

What happens to those of us who cannot get to Skypark either by public transport or by car?


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