Too transparent, Mr Diviani, too transparent!

4 Mar

In an article HERE the Sidmouth Herald website reveals the disquiet of many councillors about the decision to move EDDC headquarters to Skypark on the edge of Exeter.  One particular section of the Leader’s comments needs further input though:

“If everyone had actually taken part on the debate on the way through we would have got on further more quickly. [Er, sorry, Mr Diviani ALL the major decisions were taken behind closed doors and without published agendas or minutes at the “Relocation Working Party” meetings.  Does this mean that we can now have the notes and documents used at those meetings published – transparency and all that, you know].

“Some people did not turn up for the briefings so you are not in a position to know everything that is happening.  [Briefings are to tell people what you have done when there is no going back – what is the point of wasting valuable time at a briefing, especially when a council puff job press release will say exactly the same thing the very next day].

“The issue of Honiton came up but as things move forward things change and something better crops up. [better for whom and why Mr Diviani?].

“We looked Honiton but it came clear that Honiton had an asset we could use in the process. [So, there you go Honiton, join the club – the latest town to have its assets stripped – it happened in other towns such as  Seaton and Exmouth long ago and in Sidmouth just last week, now you know how it feels].

“The decision was made by cabinet, which was well attended and people took part in the debate – they just didn’t hide away and skulk in the corner.” [Attending Cabinet is for a majority of sycophantic flunkies who toe the line and a minority of brave Independents who are insulted when they challenge anything and no decision that Cabinet makes can be changed.  And, as said earlier, actually most decisions on the move to Skypark were made precisely that way – hidden away in a corner].

You really will have to do better than this Mr Diviani.  Too transparent in this case, perhaps!

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