Mystic Maggie looks into her crystal ball and sees …..

5 Mar

….. that our Chief Executive, currently shared 50/50 with South Somerset is soon to end the period of sharing.  Mention has already been made in Council budget papers of “accommodating his return” which presumably means to full time employment with EDDC, which seems to have managed pretty well without the 50% that has been South Somerset’s gain.

Mr Pickles is suggesting that councils should do away with Chief Executives (see below).  We predict that pretty soon the Leader will say that, due to the imminent move to Skypark, that he will need 100% of his CEO’s time.  If so, it will be yet another cost that we, the council tax payers, will have to bear for this vanity project.  And probably with a nice salary increase to compensate him for all the “hard work” he will have to do.

More people from more parties (and Independents) are needed to wrest the control of this project at the next election from the group that is hell bent using our council tax money for their shag pile carpets whilst cutting our services and selling ther family silver.


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