I don’t believe it …. but I think I do

7 Mar



3 Responses to “I don’t believe it …. but I think I do”

  1. Media Mandy March 7, 2014 at 1:06 pm #

    One simply cannot grasp the unpleasantness of the particular group in power at EDDC at the moment. I don’t even think it is that they are Conservatives – it is just this particular group of them has got used to using power and it has gone to their heads. They put party first and everything else (except their personal power) first. The sooner we are shot of them the better.

  2. Not A Developer March 7, 2014 at 6:51 pm #

    Of course, if after the next election the majority or the balance of power consists of Independents, UKIP, Lib Dem, Monster Raving Loonies (remember that one Councillor Hughes?) the boot will be on the othet foot.

  3. Dougal March 8, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

    The leadership of EDDC would appear to have reached new depths in unacceptable behaviour – confirming to concerned residents precisely how ‘things are done at EDDC’.

    Can you imagine Conservative-run Devon County Council refusing to repair any potholes in the Ottery area because Ottery has an Independent County Councillor – I think not!

    Many people are shocked at this revelation and one would assume that, apart from being unethical, immoral and possibly corruption, it must be worthy of some urgent independent investigation, whether criminal or otherwise. Where should it be referred?

    There are many questions to be answered:
    Who arranged this meeting where it appears that only Conservative EDDC councillors were invited? And who was present?
    Why was Independent Councillor Giles not invited and apparently not aware until recently that the (secret) meeting had even taken place?
    Which persons at the meeting had made the scandalous comments reported at the recent Ottery Town Council meeting?
    Why were the meeting (last summer) and those totally outrageous comments not reported back immediately to OSMTC by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor? – so much for transparency! Perhaps they thought it was ‘too hot to handle’ and might not come to light!

    Is it surprising that many people suspect (perhaps now more than suspect!) there is a concerted smear campaign by the EDDC leadership against hard-working Independent councillors in East Devon?

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