This week’s Sidmouth Herald: a cracking read

8 Mar

If you haven’t already spent your 60p on this week’s Sidmouth Herald, you might want to go out and buy it whilst stocks last:

Page 6 – Councillor Claire Wright once again tries to get councillors to agree to the national policy on lobbying (but as reported here, some councillors are not entirely sure what lobbying is)

Page 7 –   Chamber of Commerce sends letter to David Cameron with a plea to invest in the South West’s rail and road infrastructure with, below the article, another that says that Leader of EDDC Council, Paul Diviani, refused to reconsider the council’s support for the HS2 rail line when local MPs Swire and Parish have already said that HS2 should not go ahead before the problems of the South West have been solved.

Page 10 – excellent letters from Robin Fuller and Robert Crick on the decision for the council to move to Skypark, the possible fate of Knowle and the lack of democracy when EDDC increasingly refuses to allow named votes on just about anything.

Page 11 – excellent letters continue with one from Ron Roberts on councillors who only wake up in council meetings when they have to vote, and another from P J Smith on how the move to Skypark is, in his opinion, a waste of money.

Page 14 – a wonderful story on why Sidmouth district councillors voted for the move to Skypark – blogging about this as soon as this entry is made!

Page 14 again – EDDC to start marketing Knowle.  Funny that, we thought it had been on the market for years which was why the planning application (which was refused) went in.

Page 19 – the effects on the cut in the youth budget at Devon County Council

Now, don’t tell me that isn’t worth 60 pence!


One Response to “This week’s Sidmouth Herald: a cracking read”

  1. Dougal March 9, 2014 at 12:12 am #

    The front page of the Ottery Herald was even better – see entry on Cllr Claire Wright’s blog

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