Growth and ….. the “invisible man”?

13 Mar

The buzz word at East Devon District Council these days is “growth” which is the posh word for “development”.  The Leader is constantly talking about this “growth” and that “growth” and the “East Devon Growth Point”.

However, in all the talk and all the photo opportunities and all the press releases, one name has been missing:  that of Nigel Harrison, EDDC’s Economic Development Officer.

Mr Harrison was, as many know, the Honorary Secretary of the East Devon Business Forum and seemed to have been kept very busy whilst it was operating:  meetings to arrange, economic development policies to think about – a very busy man, particularly where “employment land”  (again the posh word for big sheds) was concerned where he spent many a long hour helping the EDBF to formulate its submissions to East Devon District Council – all of which were accepted rather than the reports of two consultancy companies engaged to do the self-same work.

One might have at least expected him to turn up at the Employment Land hearing for the Local Plan but, alas, no.  So, Mr Thickett was unable to hear Mr Harrison’s words of wisdom on this important part of the plan.

Has anyone seen or heard of him recently?  Surely he will be much in demand when the Task and Finish group looking into the influence of the East Devon Business Forum (and its Chairman, disgraced ex-councillor Graham Brown, also a former Chairman of the Local Development Framework Panel) seeing as how he played such a pivotal role in its work.

When is the Task and Finish Group going to meet again now that the Local Plan hearings have finished?

Ah, thereby hangs a tale …..


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