Sidmouth – Local Plan, day 2 – more snippets

13 Mar

Knowle: Objections raised over change of use/loss of employment to Sidmouth & East Devon; to loss of Council Chambers as community assets; to damage to park/loss of garden-lawn prospect (Inspector called this “curtilage”)/garden depot; to loss of 232 parking spaces for visitors; to threat
to wildlife (horseshoe bats, badgers, dormice); to traffic hazards…It was suggested that a mixed employment site at Knowle would cater for many of businesses proposed for Sidford site.
Port Royal: Little discussion/no details. 30 houses likely to be luxury flats/second homes.  Concerns expressed over proximity of sewage station, loss of drill hall and possibly of sailing club.
Persimmon’s proposal for 152 houses on AONB at Woolbrook: Agent argued that Sidmouth “needed” 300 houses, not 150, that Persimmon would pay for a roundabout on A3052 and a 100-space park-and-leave facility (this either with hopper bus or based on notion that visitors would arrange to arrive in two cars and leave one there!). The development would be behind hedges and had support of Sidmouth Town Council (Inspector said country “needed” more housing).
Boutique hotel-cum-cookery school on AONB at Fortescue: Richard Eley’s proposal based on fact that Sidmouth was a tourist town and had lost several hotels recently to housing (Inspector suggested that Knowle might be a better site for this hotel!).

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  1. sidmouthsid March 13, 2014 at 6:33 pm #

    Would the person who left a comment on the above please re-post it with their real name and email address – the company that it purports to come from has never heard of the person who sent the comment.


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