Party Whips

14 Mar

Interesting item on on last night’s meeting to encourage more people to stand as councillors – which shows that our young people are totally on the ball when it comes to politics!

A comment by Councillor Giles about party whips got me to thinking: if the Tories are not whipped, how come it is their Whip who always leaps into action to say that they are not! How do they all know how the others are going to vote when they vote in unision, as they do so many, many times?  How come four of them (the Sidmouth Quartet, see below) can think in unison so easily?

Are they born this way, or made this way, and if made this way – who made them?  Certainly not national Tories who fight like cats in a bag and have many differing views!

Perhaps it is something in the tonic water.


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