Exeter bus strategy and Skypark

15 Mar

For anyone wanting to know Devon County Council’s  strategy for buses in and around Exeter, here is a link to their report


It confims in paragraph 3.3.3 that “An enhanced public transport service will link Cranbrook, the Sky Park and Exeter Science Park to the city centre” making it even more likely that new workers for the site will come from Exeter rather than the rest of East Devon.

A large development in Alphington to the south of exeter also mentions a bus service from Alphington to Cranbrook – once again not at all suitable for anyone from East Devon other than at Cranbrook who will need to get too or from Skypark.

Perhaps we shall soon be subsumed into “greater Exeter” though perhaps those towns lying to the far east of the district would do better to be subsumed into West Dorset as Dorchester might just become more easy to get to than Skypark for them!

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