What a brilliant piece of timing from EDD ‘s Development Management Committee and the developer

15 Mar

An enormous development on the western side of the district on land owned by a former EDBF member, Mr Stuart.  A “special”  DMC meeting timed on 25 March *for after the end of the Local Plan hearings but before the results of it to decide it.  A development that is in neither the old Local Plan nor the new one and which one councillor describes as “premature”.  It’s only premature if it is due after 2026, councillor!

What brilliant timing from EDDC and the developer.

For information see comments on this post:


Oh, and so sorry I can’t provide you with the link to this “special” DMC meeting – it has disappeared from the web in the last couple of days and only links to DMCs of 2011 are currently available on the DMC agenda and minutes website.**

** Ah, but I CAN provide you with a link because I have tracked it down though it is not advertised on the DMC meetings link.  It can be found at


How long will it be before this link disappears?  Don’t worry, I have saved a copy – several copies, in fact!


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