So, a new bus link to Skypark would cost “£100,000” would it, Mr Diviani? You should read your own reports …..

16 Mar

Well, that is VERY strange because here are extracts from your own report “West End of East Devon Transport Infrastructure – Infrastructure Report for the East Devon Local Plan, July 2013

The most relevant paragraphs in this document are:


Under the current funding arrangement, there is no flexibility in the timetable to divert the service via SkyPark or Science Park without additional buses being funded. Given the pace of development at these employment sites, it is neither desirable (or possible in the case of SkyPark) to run buses through the sites for a number of years until there is a critical mass of employees..

Bus stops will therefore be located on the old A30 to provide access to these developments in the early years.  The early phases of SkyPark are likely to be served via an access off the B3174 on the northern boundary, therefore it will not be possible to run buses through the site for several years. A bus stop on the main road near the northern junction will provide employees with a suitable access to the 4 service in the early phase.


In order to achieve the low car trip rates assumed for Cranbrook, SkyPark and Science Park, there will however need to be a 15 minute frequency bus connecting the sites and the city centre. The relatively short distance trips between sites and competitive journey times achieved by bus priority measures should mean buses are an attractive way of travelling within the West End. The timing of the enhanced bus service will nevertheless be dependent on the patronage of the half hourly service, which is directly affected by the pace of development at the West End.


With uncertainty about the timing of development, the 4 service may need either continued revenue support to maintain a half hour service or funding to support a new half hour service, which would supplement the 4 and achieve a 15 minute frequency. In the case of the latter, the service would start at Cranbrook (rather than Ottery) and run into the city centre, passing through Skypark and Science Park. The estimated cost of further bus contributions to support either of the above scenarios is £1.7m.


At a time when HQPT was being considered, Section 106 contributions in excess of £2m were being sought from SkyPark; however, this was on the basis of contributions to the city centre bus route but also to support a service from Exmouth. Further consideration recognised that there is unlikely to be sufficient demand for people travelling between Exmouth and SkyPark to support a new service (and the ongoing revenue costs), therefore this proposal will not be implemented.

The county council has accepted a revised S106 contribution of £660,000 towards the bus service, which will be triggered after the half hourly 4 service funding has expired. It has been calculated that the remaining £1,040,000 bus service contributions will be proportionately funded by the expansion of Cranbrook (post 3500 dwellings) and Science Park.




One Response to “So, a new bus link to Skypark would cost “£100,000” would it, Mr Diviani? You should read your own reports …..”

  1. Not A Developer March 17, 2014 at 9:17 am #

    Surely if a S106 is triggered it would be the developer, in this case EDDC, to stump up money to DCC whether they liked it or not. So we would have the absurd position of our council paying to make it easier for people in Exeter to get to Skypark. Great!

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