Skypark and the Community Infrastructure Levy

20 Mar

Section 106 payments from developers are linked closely to the area where the development takes place – Community Infrastructure Levy has no such requirement, it can be spent anywhere in the district.

So, what is to stop EDDC creaming off all the developer contributions all around the district and spending them on improving Skypark?


One Response to “Skypark and the Community Infrastructure Levy”

  1. Paul Hayward March 20, 2014 at 6:21 pm #

    Sadly, this has been feared over in the far East of the District ever since CIL was first discussed… strange however, that future Cranbrook developments are apparently exempt from CIL as there is a pre-negotiated Section 106 for the WHOLE development ad infinitum… so, build in Axminster, and 85% of the money can be whipped away to fund the growth point, yet build in the Growth point, and presumably 100% of that money can stay in the west…

    Go west, young man, go west….

    Because, here in the east, the sun ain’t gonna shine any more…

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