The myth that planning applications MUST be decided in 13 weeks

21 Mar

Evidence cited below makes one wonder just why the developments for more than 800 houses in eastern Devon which are neither in the old local plan nor the new one have merited a “special” Development Control Meeting on 25 March when the Planning Inspector’s report that could strike them out is due by 31 March 2014.

As a correspondent has pointed out below, it is contested that the so-called 13 week deadline actually expires then but here is evidence that the 13 week deadline is an aspiration and not a requirement.  Anyone notice a nasty smell?

Firstly, from East Devon’s own website:

 7. How long should it take to process my planning application?

The normal period for determining a planning application, by statue, is eight weeks. However, more time may be neededif the proposal is of major importance, controversial, or if amendments are needed following the various consultations.

Then from the website of Mid Devon Council:

As a Local Planning Authority the Council is expected to determine at least:
60% of major applications within 13 weeks;
65% of minor applications within 8 weeks, and;
80% of other applications within 8 weeks.
The Mid Devon District Council planning department monitors all application decisions delayed beyond 13 weeks. This information made available
for public inspection once a quarter providesa summary of reasons for delay.
And finally, the  most recent national position:

In the year ending March 2012, district level planning authorities:

decided 57 per cent of major applications in 13 weeks, 71 per cent of minors and 82 per cent of others in 8 weeks. This compares to 66 per cent for majors, 75 per cent for minors and 86 per cent for others in the year ending March 2011;

One Response to “The myth that planning applications MUST be decided in 13 weeks”

  1. Not A Developer March 21, 2014 at 1:28 pm #

    By statue! See EDDC comment! First time anyone has appropriately described the Development Management Committee as statues!

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