Two new political animals make their appearance: Delighted of Cranbrook and Disgusted of Ottery St Mary

31 Mar

Two new animals have appeared on the political scene of East Devon:  Delighted of Cranbrook and Disgusted of Ottery St Mary!

These animals keep very much to their own territories.  The Delighteds of Cranbrook wax lyrical about their new town, its facilities and its closeness to Exeter and Skypark.  Nothing is bad in Cranbrook-land – it is a garden of earthly delights.

In Ottery St Mary, it is a different story:  the Disgusteds of Ottery St Mary can say nothing good about the place.

They have one major difference:  the Delighteds are happy to append their real names and addresses to the letters pages of local rags and to blogs that delight them even more – their hero is Councillor Diviani.  The Disgusteds, on the other hand, prefer to remain anonymous and tend to write grouchy letters or post only to blogs that do NOT delight them – their bogeyman is Councillor Roger Giles.

Could this be because we have now entered election year and Delighted and Disgusted are electioneering – surely not!

And are Delighted and Disgusted really two different animals or the same ones that roam the area by day (happy and delighted) or by night (grouchy and disgusted)?



One Response to “Two new political animals make their appearance: Delighted of Cranbrook and Disgusted of Ottery St Mary”

  1. Conrad Black March 31, 2014 at 10:52 pm #

    Did I miss your address also? Or are you playing Devil’s advocate rather unsuccessfully.

    Are you saying that there’s something wrong with being critical over decisions that harm communities? I can understand that people in Cranbrook will be happy. ‘Industry’ in the form of the EDDC is being given to them, transport is being subsidised for them, as employment is being taken away from Honiton and Sidmouth. So where there are clear winners and losers why are you whingeing if the losers complain.

    Now if you are complaining that it appears some, perhaps, dare I say it, politically motivated people are attempting to denigrate Councillors who have the temerity to question decisions made by what is apparently an oligarchy cabinet who are pursuing their own agenda that does not form the basis of their electoral platform, and, indeed, appears to be significantly other than their electoral promises, then I agree with you.

    But that means you support Councillor Giles and his colleagues. Is that the point you were trying to make? Perhaps we should be told!

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