Sinking ship?

14 Apr

In one of those puff-job-just-before-elections press releases that councils go in for – this one about improving safety in council flats – the following paragraph appears. Note what we presume is a mistake with the first word – or does Councillor Elson know something we don’t!

Escaping Councillor Jill Elson, EDDC’s Cabinet Member for Sustainable Homes and Communities, said: “During the past several months we have been talking to tenants and explaining the importance of ensuring that people have the best possible chance of escaping from a blaze in a block of flats. We have also briefed many of our tenants and have delivered letters to a number of flats explaining what we are doing and why.



One Response to “Sinking ship?”

  1. Not A Developet April 15, 2014 at 4:03 pm #

    Of course “Escaping” is the title if the paragraph that follows. Or is it? I know I would be wanting to escape EDDC if I were her!

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