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Knowle relocation article in Express and Echo

30 May

No cobwebs on Claire!

30 May

2014-02-23 17.14.00

Congratulations to Independent County and District Cllr Claire Wright, who has announced that she will be standing for East Devon, against the Party machine,  at the Parliamentary elections just one year ahead, in May 2015. Her campaign begins next week. See SIN’s earlier post,


ASDA planning south expansion particularly in Devon and Cornwall

30 May

“Asda is planning to build 40 major superstores and well as a further 100 new supermarkets.The expansion plan will also include 150 forecourt shops. Two-thirds will be in the south east, London, Cornwall and Devon.”

Exeter, Honiton, maybe Exmouth, could fight it out with Morrisons in Sidmouth?  Will Asda replace Tesco as our council’s favourite supermarket chain!


Latest on Knowle footpaths and village green applications

30 May

Claire Wright to stand as MP for East Devon constituency against Hugo Swire

29 May

Claire Wright has announced that she will be standing as an Independent candidate in the next General Election in May 2015.  More later.

Knowle relocation and Freedom of Information

27 May


for latest, unsurprising yet critical information

Some cracking information on the East Devon Alliance website! Knowle, Skypark, “transformation” …..

25 May

Lots and lots of interesting stuff on the East Devon Alliance website,  lifted directly from the agenda for the Cabinet meeting on 4 June 2014!  Hold ups at Knowle, EDBF, “transformation” – definitely stuff people need to know!

West Country benefits from “staycations”

22 May

But you need a dynamic and vibrant tourism sector to take advantage of it. Let us not forget that jobs are not all in sheds, the countryside is an economic asset and people will always need somewhere to stay

Bert is very busy …

20 May

Yet another “Don’t do as we do, do as we say, sorry – demand

19 May

“As I said at the Standards Hearing last July, there is one rule for one, and one rule for another. At the last Full Council meeting at The Knowle, the Leader told one Member that what he had said was rubbish. Another senior Member referred to the Leader as ‘spineless and arrogant’ last year, which made newspaper headlines. Not thought worthy of complaint by a Tory Whip, or just plain double standards?”

So said Lib Dem councillor Eileen Wragg after her second appearance before an EDDC Standards Committee. Since then, there has been a serious attempt to discredit Independent Councillor Roger Giles, and investigations brought against dissidents in Newton Poppleford (parish councillor Graham Salter) and in Axminster (Independent town councillor, Paul Hayward).

Isn’t it strange that only Tory councillors have thin skins (they are the ones who complain) and only non-Tory councillors are wrong (they are the inky ones being complained about).

Seems to me best to vote for robust minority councillors rather than over-sensitive ones.

Still, it’s more income for the local press as EDDC pays for its decisions to be publicised (with our money, of course).