“I am a bit of a peasant when it comes to culture”, admits Cllr Twiss

5 Jun

In an unwitting piece of irony, the Tory Party Whip made this declaration at last night’s Cabinet meeting, when the long and costly snag-list for the new community centre at Honiton was  being discussed. As Cllr Mike Allen pointed out, EDDC has made an investment of £1,000,000 in the new Beehive Centre, and things have not gone smoothly with the business plan. There have been well-reported ructions at Honiton Town Council meetings, about the intended use and future management of the Centre, which may have to apply for charitable status to source additional grants now needed to complete the project.

Any lessons to be learned here, regarding another EDDC lavish project  for a newbuild  Council office at the Skypark wasteland?


One Response to ““I am a bit of a peasant when it comes to culture”, admits Cllr Twiss”

  1. Sandra Semple June 5, 2014 at 8:39 pm #

    Only culture? Take a look at his comments on Claire Wright’s blog about her running for Parliament.

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