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“If you want trouble, tell the public they can’t speak”

23 Jul

The above quote from Cllr Peter Halse, (Con) was quoted by Cllr Trevor Cope (Lib Dem) at tonight’s Full Council meeting, but these cross-party warnings  fell on deaf ears. So did many others, including the argument from Cllr Ian Thomas (Con) that “to expect individuals to co-ordinate a response  (to planning applications) is unrealistic” .

Changes to rules for public speaking will now go ahead, after tonight’s Full Council vote.  More comment on the meeting on the EDA website






EDDC about to award themselves yet another black mark? New obstacles to public speaking could be whipped through Full Council this Wednesday.

22 Jul

Listen to the fierce debate on the subject, over your cornflakes this Wednesday morning. This link has details

How many jobs at Skypark?

17 Jul

The Express and Echo has an interesting update on this (see link below to EDA comment ) .

According to the planning application, the new parcel distribution centre will bring only 147 jobs to Skypark.  But this number is not guaranteed, of course, and those jobs will be spread across 24 hours.

Should Skypark fall short of the  6,500 jobs predicted, one important consequence could be that a business park where few people work , would not qualify for a regular bus link. ..unlike the Knowle, Sidmouth.


Warning! Full Council on 23 July is when changes to public speaking may be approved.

12 Jul

SOS website has the details

For your information,below is a record of the ‘Public Speaking’ Votes, at Full Council  9th April 2014

For OSC review i.e AGAINST gagging) – 26 votes
Susie Bond

Roger Boote C

Derek Button

Bob Buxton C

David Chapman C

Trevor Cope

Deborah Custance Baker C

Martin Gammell

Steve Gazzard

Roger Giles

Graham Godbeer C

Pat Graham

Peter Halse C

Mike Howe C

Stuart Hughes C

Douglas Hull

Ben Ingham

John Jeffery

Sheila Kerridge C

Jim Knight C

Philip Skinner C

Peter Sullivan C

Graham Troman C

Eileen Wragg

Steve Wragg

Claire Wright


Against the OSC review (i.e. FOR Gagging)  –22 votes

David Atkins C

Ray Bloxham C

Peter Bowden C

Geoff Chamberlain LD

Iain Chubb C

David Cox C

Alan Dent C

Paul Diviani C

Christine Drew C

Jill Elson C

Steve Hall C

Stephanie Jones C

Andrew Moulding C

Frances Newth C

John O’Leary C

Helen Parr C

Ken Potter C

Pauline Stott C

Phil Twiss C

Mark Williamson C

Tim Wood C

Tom Wright C