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Misleading Leader

31 Oct
Sent in by Hamfisted :
Cllr Diviani’s embarrassed replies to Cllr Hughes’s questions at the Scrutiny Committee meeting: we have checked both points and find that Cllr Diviani was… er … misled.
The  revised application on the Knowle was submitted by Deputy CEO Richard Cohen, not by an independent consultant. The powers that be in EDDC are deeply implicated in this unprecedented bit of strange footwork in their application to themselves. Congratulations to the hundreds of citizens who have successfully bombarded our MP to achieve the promise of a Call In on this possible chicanery.
The Sidmouth Herald Chief Reporter confirms that the misled Leader explicitly stated that access to the Alexandria Estate was too problematic. The point is that the access was organised by Cllr Hughes too soon. First we need to demonstrate that it is inaccessible so we can move all the Fords containers to the Sidford flood plain. That will allow us to move Bradfords from Sidmouth and Honiton to a super-site in the AONB. Then EDDC can move to the Bradfords site at Honiton station. Then we can flog off the Knowle to pay for these moves. Then Morrrisons can move into the AONB on the A3052 with 500 car parking spaces, rescing Sir John Cave from the deprivations caused by the recession. Then we can, finally, secure easy access to the Alexadnria site in order to put in a load of second homes and investment properties for EDBF members to ensure their comfort in retirement.
Stuart Hughes’s creative work with DCC Traffic managers wrecks this neat plan. No wonder the Leader is annoyed.

Leader’s crystal ball

23 Apr

Paul Diviani’s election leaflet has infuriated voters, it seems.

Already sent out, the leaflet  has a photo with the caption, ‘Paul attended the opening of the new play area in Stockland in April this year’.

A hopping-mad local resident  says, “This is quite a feat as the event does not take place until this Saturday (27th).  I find it sad that he has to mislead people in this way about a project that involved a lot of hard work by village residents.”
The current EDDC Leader is standing in the Honiton St Paul’s Ward, for the Devon County Council Elections on 2nd May.
SIN readers may like to be reminded of two earlier posts  Misleading Leader (31/10/2012) , and Questions to EDDC Leader (03/11/2012)

Courageous councillors call for Knowle move to be shelved.

17 Nov

Sidmouth councillors  Stuart Hughes and Graham Troman will ask fellow members of EDDC to vote for a halt to Knowle relocation plans because of uncertainty over the future of the council.

As reported in yesterday’s Sidmouth Herald, at the full council meeting on 5th December, they will argue that it would be sensible to wait and see before committing to new offices at Honiton, which risk becoming an instant white elephant.

Why? Because a report by influential Tory grandee, Lord Heseltine, recommends that county and district councils should be merged.The present system is too wasteful. So if the Government takes his advice, it could soon be goodbye to EDDC. The district HQ would then become redundant. 

The Sidmouth councillors’ suggestion is likely to attract flak from the small cabal at EDDC committed to the move, not least, the Leader.You may recall the recent clash between him and Stuart Hughes about improving access to the Alexandria Road Industrial Estate (See SIN archive for Oct. 25th Cllr Diviani ‘speaks frankly’, and Oct 31st Misleading Leader)

And Graham Troman will chair a council committee of enquiry, which starts on 11th December, into the controversial East Devon Business Forum of which Cllr D is a founder-member. Public can attend . Details on  Our Campaign, Key dates and events

The local electorate will appreciate the councillors who are standing up for them. And they noticed those who came to support the Mass March. But what has happened to our other representatives, who seem to have gone to ground?

Turning a blind eye

14 Nov
In an email to councillors last week,  CEO Mark Williams expresses surprise at a video posted on the SOS website, showing the derision heaped on the Leader when he addressed  protesters at the Knowle (Sat 3 November).
Mr Williams also dismisses the SOS website as ‘typical blog fare’.
Surprise? Really?  Many of the placards at the Mass March couldn’t have been clearer about the low regard in which Councillor Diviani is held throughout East Devon.
And judge for yourself the ‘typical blog fare’ at, especially Our Campaign, Documents .
To see the video referred to, ‘Revolting Sidmouth’, and other commentaries, go to  category SOS in the Media, on the same website.
Further reminders to Mr Williams, and others, of why EDDC is being brought into disrepute, not least by its Leader, can be found in the SIN (Sidmouth Independent News) archives: e.g.
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