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Cranbrook … the … er … vision

21 Apr

“The Vision”

The vision for Cranbrook is to create a self-sufficient, low carbon new community in close proximity to skilled employment opportunities, encouraging people to use sustainable modes of transport and to reduce the need for them to travel between work and home by car.

But what about the people who have to use unsustainable transport to get to EDDC offices at Skypark.

Ah, of course, they resign because they can’t afford to keep travelling there by car or because they spend hours on public transport and are replaced by people from Exeter and Cranbrook.

And that’s what they call “sustainable”! Lucky Exeter and Cranbrook.

Though has anyone else noticed that Cranbrook is not ageing well – some areas already looking rather tired – and has dreadful parking problems, with even the small buses barely able to squeeze along narrow streets filled with cars parked on both sides?