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National Planning Policy Framework and flooding

14 Feb

Let us not forget that, before the National Planning Policy Framework came in, we had Planning Policy Guidance 25 – a 192 page document that set out very clearly all the dangers of building where water could gain the upper hand.  This has now been ditched in favour of waffle and rhubarb about “sustainability” and “economic growth”.  It’s what you get when you “simplify” the rules.

It isn’t ALL the Environment Agency’s fault – Mr Boles and Mr Pickles and Mr Cameron.


Flooding: costs set to double, but funds reduced

5 Feb

Latest Environment Agency Report at this link:

Campaign to Protect Rural England backs fight for Feniton

16 Jan

National CPRE Chief Executive, Shaun Spiers has added his voice in support of  Feniton.  And Dr Margaret Hall of the East Devon CPRE ,  has also given a spirited defence for the Inquiry this week, based on her research which shows that the Local Plan’s proposed number of houses has been calculated on overestimated population figures.

For Shaun Spiers’quote, click here:


Invitation from the East Devon Alliance

15 Jan

After last Saturday’s march in Feniton (pictured below)  you may feel inspired to join! Want to know more? Then please click here: Join EDA poster

Feniton 11th Jan 1


Cameron brings hope to storm-hit Britain, says Private Eye

15 Jan

Here’s the link:

BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ takes a close look at why events at Feniton matter to us all.

13 Jan

Sam Smith’s thorough report from Feniton, broadcast earlier this evening, ends with an EDDC Councillor apologising for the lack of a Local Plan. Here’s the link:

BBC Inside Out – link to tonight’s Feniton feature

13 Jan