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SIN takes a break

9 Aug

Sidmouth Independent News is pleased to say that since its inception, others in  East Devon  have established similarly well-informed blogs on EDDC-related issues. To avoid duplication, SIN  is now taking a long pause, but  may well be back on line in early 2015.

Some alternative sites that can be referred to are  (with useful LINKS list)

the futuresforum blogspot  at

and of course the especially informative and  popular blogs by Independent Councillors at these links and


Thanks all SIN-ers for the constant  contributions and hundreds of thousands of hits since SIN”s opening  post  on  27 Sept 2012, Good Morning, Sid Valley.   The website’s  archive will continue to be of use,  not least ,we suspect, in the run-up to the May 2015 elections.


Warning! Full Council on 23 July is when changes to public speaking may be approved.

12 Jul

SOS website has the details

For your information,below is a record of the ‘Public Speaking’ Votes, at Full Council  9th April 2014

For OSC review i.e AGAINST gagging) – 26 votes
Susie Bond

Roger Boote C

Derek Button

Bob Buxton C

David Chapman C

Trevor Cope

Deborah Custance Baker C

Martin Gammell

Steve Gazzard

Roger Giles

Graham Godbeer C

Pat Graham

Peter Halse C

Mike Howe C

Stuart Hughes C

Douglas Hull

Ben Ingham

John Jeffery

Sheila Kerridge C

Jim Knight C

Philip Skinner C

Peter Sullivan C

Graham Troman C

Eileen Wragg

Steve Wragg

Claire Wright


Against the OSC review (i.e. FOR Gagging)  –22 votes

David Atkins C

Ray Bloxham C

Peter Bowden C

Geoff Chamberlain LD

Iain Chubb C

David Cox C

Alan Dent C

Paul Diviani C

Christine Drew C

Jill Elson C

Steve Hall C

Stephanie Jones C

Andrew Moulding C

Frances Newth C

John O’Leary C

Helen Parr C

Ken Potter C

Pauline Stott C

Phil Twiss C

Mark Williamson C

Tim Wood C

Tom Wright C

Spot the difference

17 Apr

See Sidford ‘before and after’ pics on the SOS website:

Helping in the Byes

28 Mar

Thanks to the Friends of the Byes (FOTB), Sidmouth now has an established community orchard there, complete with benches!  Like the trees, the group continues to flourish. Here’s their latest message:

Come and join us…

This coming Saturday 29th March, 10am – 12 midday

Meet in the Community Orchard in Sid Meadow at 10am where we will be planting primroses, more trees along the river and clearing up the Water Lane entrance to the Byes.

Contact: Would anyone interested in helping with FOTB volunteer events please e-mail their contact details  to Kati Fitzhenry at , or phone her on 01395 578344 or 07817 041239

This will help us coordinate numbers, achieve more, and make our our time volunteering even more enjoyable. Any suggestions are welcome, on what FOTB volunteers could do to improve the Byes, remembering that we give a couple of hours every other week.

The following Saturday the 5th April

We will be fundraising in the town, to help pay for the wildflower show in Sid Meadow. Obviously all help is very welcome. We will be meeting at the Toll House, entrance to the Byes, at 9:45 and will collect  until midday. Please do come along and help ‘shake a box’.

Contact: To find out more about this event, kindly email Annie Brierley or phone her on 07921 760110

More on FOTB here:,d.ZGU