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What is good for the goose

22 Apr

Explanation from EDDC Conservative Party whip Phil Twiss as to why Stuart Hughes was removed from his senior post at EDDC shortly after disagreeing with the move of EDDC’s HQ from Sidmouth:

Stuart Hughes was not dumped from an EDDC post (or posts as written below) on grounds of ill health or because he spoke up for the interests of Sidmouth (which he continues to do very effectively). He has a very senior cabinet role at Devon County Council which is to all intents and purposes full time and as they go through very tough times he did not need the distraction of maintaining another senior role at EDDC in tandem with his DCC responsibilities.

Based on the above, surely EDDC Leader Paul Diviani should resign his Devon County Council seat?


Employment Land figures and other parts of the Local Plan NOT passed

6 Apr

On rereading EDDC’s press releases, it appears that the Inspector has refused to look at the rest of the submitted Local Plan until the housing figures have been reworked and resubmitted, cross-border housing has been sorted and gypsy and traveller sites evidence reworked and resubmitted. ¬†Only then will he consider other issues.