Anyone for donuts ?

28 Oct

Sent in today by a Sidmouth correspondent:

‘I  see that people power in Totnes has seen off Costa’s plan to open in the town
despite them receiving planning permission. I heard Costas spokesman on Radio 2
saying that the company respected the communities wishes and wouldn’t be
It is never too early to launch a similar campaign against
morrisons moving into Sidmouth which would do untold damage to our town. ‘The
Donut effect’ sucking the centre out of our town.
We also need to retain all
the employment sites in the Sid Valley which all of a sudden are seeing
applications for houses on them Frys Lane, Chalky Whites Sidbury.’

One Response to “Anyone for donuts ?”

  1. Not A Developer October 28, 2012 at 7:40 pm #

    Well, hope you have better luck with that than Seaton (over-sized Tesco) Ottery (Sainsburys on a site so small you can barely turn round) and Exmouth (ugly modernist – cheap – Premier Inn ). The deal is probably already done for Alexandra Road and Sidford. Totnes has an MP who shares its values and brokered the deal to keep Costa out. No sign of that in East Devon.

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