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ASDA planning south expansion particularly in Devon and Cornwall

30 May

“Asda is planning to build 40 major superstores and well as a further 100 new supermarkets.The expansion plan will also include 150 forecourt shops. Two-thirds will be in the south east, London, Cornwall and Devon.”

Exeter, Honiton, maybe Exmouth, could fight it out with Morrisons in Sidmouth?  Will Asda replace Tesco as our council’s favourite supermarket chain!



Information Commissioner instructs EDDC to reveal (almost) all…

23 Jan

…on the sale of the Exmouth Covenants .  The East Devon Alliance website has the story:

Exmouth? Blackpool? Can you spot the difference?

10 Nov

A little late but here is some food for thought in Exmouth, courtesy of the Letters page of a recent Exmouth Journal:


The Great British Seaside Selloff

26 Aug

Is the title of an article in today’s Guardian G2.

One paragraph:  Seasides were always about taking money off holidaymakers, but Thatcherism has pushed the tide out way too far.  Today, it’s too often about “profit centres”: if this piece of land on the seafront doesn’t make a big enough profit, let’s build something else on it, even if that means destroying the character of the resort.  In my 1979 AA Guide, Exmouth is described as a place that has “all the amenities of a popular resort whilst remaining free from excessive commercialisation”.  That just about holds true today, but won’t for much longer if East Devon District Council gets its way.  Despite a petition that raised 10,000 signatures, the council has sold Elizabeth Hall, a popular community facility on the esplanade that dates from the Victorian era.  It will be demolished and replaced by a four-storey hotel.  The council’s  “masterplan” for the redevelopment of the seafront includes more “retail areas” and “a large privately-run play and recreation area.

Now Exmouth Town Council, like Axminster, EDDC and Newton Poppleford Parish Council, in no hurry to record meetings

7 Aug

Exmouth’s cautious approach is reported here:

Any thoughts, SIN-ners, about the reasons for delay?

“..busy doing real things”

11 Jul

The well-respected  Exmouth councillor who walked out of her own standards committee hearing last week, was praised for her work and commitment, in a comment left on Cllr Wright’s blog . More about Cllr Eileen Wragg’s case is reported on the same blog today.

Exmouth “consultation” on money from sale of Elizabeth Hall, Exmouth to Premier Inns

10 Jul

EDDC is considering using money from the sale of Elizabeth Hall for two regeneration projects:  Mamhead slipwayand the Queen’s Drive leisure area.

But no mention in the press release of consulting the people of Exmouth about whether they think this is a good use of the money.  And what happened to private investment – the mantra we constantly hear about?