The case of the disappearing placards

20 Dec

Remember all those SOS placards at November’s Mass March? Anyone know where they are?  They are needed particularly now, and especially in the New Year, when a BIG PUBLICITY drive is planned.

Save our Sidmouth campaigner, Alan Weaver, sends this request:

Prior to the March we had somewhere in the region of 80/90 placards. Marchers were asked to take these and place them in prominent positions around Sidmouth, Sidford and Sidbury to keep the campaign in the minds of passers by.

 Try as I might I have not been able to locate more than 20 in prominent places. Therefore if anyone has one lurking in a garage or shed please put it on display, or ask someone else you know who’s willing to do so.
Alternatively, please tell any SOS member you may know, or leave a message at  (CONTACT US ), so that the placard can be collected and placed somewhere else.
The purpose of the BIG PUBLICITY drive is to alert people to the January 14th deadline. Public  reponses to EDDC’s revised Local Plan must be sent in by that date.  EDDC is then obliged to present the  Government Inspector, due in Summer 2013, with all registered public comments. The more there are, the sooner the Inspector’s attention will be drawn to the Plan’s serious flaws.
Advice on how to respond to EDDC will be posted on the SOS and SIN websites from the first week in January. Meanwhile, see reminder, and DOCUMENTS on

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