Our Leader speaks … sort of

31 Dec

Our leader has had his 2014 New Year greeting inserted into several local newspapers.  Below is a precis.  It seems to have been written by Conservative Central Office with [insert your council name here] and platitude after platitude.  Not something to treasure!

Diviani new year message (not yet on the EDDC website) precis:

… we have always been a cautious council … we have protected our front line services and trimmed our back office requirements …. Satisfaction ratings highest they have ever been WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PLANNING …  all coming to terms with the new planning guidelines and the need for growth.  Chancellor … tackling deficit … belt tightening.. future bright.

… Fortunate to live in a beautiful place which others want to share [does he mean the developers?] … need more housing … unmet demand … upward pressure on house prices … 11 times annual earnings distorts the supply of local houses for local people [those developers again?] … fighting hard for fairer funding … long way to go …  Councillors and officers … worked diligently … happy holiday …..

Not the most edifying of New Year messages, but, then again, not the most edifying of councils …..

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