Planning … not going well at Cranbrook

18 Feb

Long item on Radio Devon this morning on how a GP surgery at Pinhoe is inundated with residents from Cranbrook because it seems no- one realised that a doctor’s surgery would be needed as soon as residents arrived.  Some 600 people have had to be added at Pinhoe until a temporary surgery can be started at the Cranbrook Community Centre.

Given how much money has been thrown at the East Devon Growth Point one might have hoped that someone might have spotted the omission.

And speaking of inundations, the next item was about Seaton Tramway which has been forced to close during the important half term holiday because ballast was washed away under tramlines.  The reporter explained that not only had the River Axe overtopped but so had the Wetlands on the other side.  One wonders what effect the deserted housing site owned by Tesco had on this.  The site was raised up from a natural flood plain.

Planning: if you don’t get it right, things can go so terribly wrong.

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