“Cost neutral” is not cost free

8 Mar

Please can we all remember that EDDC’s constant trumpeting that the move to Skypark will be “cost neutral” to council-tax payers, this does not mean cost free.

We do not know how much EDDC has already spent on this vanity project – we are not allowed to know as all discussions have been in secret as have meetings with various developers.  However, we do know that

At least £800,000 has already been spent as far as we can tell

£400.000 is budgeted over the next two years

£1 million is the figures mentioned for purchase of a property at Skypark – but again, we are not allowed to know the precise cost

£4 million or so will be borrowed with interest

Heathpark estate will be sold

Knowle will be sold

Manstone depot will be sold

There may, of course, be many other costs involved – not least the shag pile.

This means that (a) money being spent on the move cannot be spent on services to council tax payers and (b) our assets are depleted for future generations.

Cost-neutral does NOT mean cost-free.


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