Proof that a 13 week deadline does not exist and that at least one councillor has been informed?

24 Mar

Comment by Damien Mills on

Further to my earlier posts on this thread and what Rose has said above, I’ve now spoken to a planning expert who has confirmed what we all suspected.

Regardless of when this planning application was validated, the notion advanced by EDDC in the local press, that it is being held now because otherwise it may fall foul of the 13-week rule is entirely bogus.

I’ve sought to alert the councillor for this area to my concerns but it would appear Cllr Peter Bowden is not a bit interested. I’d suggest that if the council’s rationale for taking this decision at tomorrow’s DMC does not stand up to scrutiny that, having had it brought to his attention, Cllr Bowden has an obligation to to pursue it.

Why, I wonder, is he so unwilling to do so?!


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