Can anyone explain this to me?

24 Jun

Councillor Salter of Newton Poppleford Parish Council was reported by an anonymous person for having a pecuniary interest in a planning application because he lives in a house on land adjacent to it – as do several other people in Newton Poppleford.  I can see why this should be a personal interest but not a pecuniary one.

Councillor Paul Diviani lives in a house in the middle of the Blackdown Hills (see here) and registers as one of his interests HERE that he is Chairman of Blackdown Hills AONB where it also says that he serves on the EDDC Blackdown Hills (AONB) Joint Advisory Committee.

He is quoted in the Midweek Herald HERE as saying that ” …national parks, compared to AONBs, attracted almost four times the financial support from central government.”

So, does he or does he not have a pecuniary interest when this is discussed, as it was in a recent cabinet meeting which he chaired?  If he does not and he can take part in discussions about planning applications or planning procedures in that area with no interest or only a personal interest, what makes his situation different to that of Councillor Salter?

The same Sidmouth Herald article gives the impression that plans for a Jurassic National Park have been rejected by EDDC but this does not appear to be the case.  The matter was referred to EDDC’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee and may yet be rejected since this is an advisory committee to the Cabinet only.


2 Responses to “Can anyone explain this to me?”

  1. Tim Todd June 24, 2013 at 10:08 am #

    Is not the question of whether parts of East Devon might become a National Park a ‘key decision’ which means that we should have some input into the issue?

  2. Not A Developer June 24, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    Member of the public … consulted on important decision … EDDC … . Sorry, we only get consulted if (a) there is legal requirement they can’t find a way round or (b) if it isn’t important.

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