How big is Knowle? Depends who is holding the tape measure

23 Aug

According to the Government’s official Valuation Office Agency HERE

the official valuation on its website says that, internally Knowle is

4871.85 sq m

plus 727 sq m of outside space including 2 polytunnels and a Portakabin.

According to Langdon Davis, EDDC’s own consultants, the total floorspace at Knowle is

7,722 sq m.

Er, bit of a discrepancy there?

4 Responses to “How big is Knowle? Depends who is holding the tape measure”

  1. Robin Fuller August 23, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    I do not know what information VOA want to assess a valuation. It is possible that the 4872m2 is useable space, the balance being corridors, stairs, loos, etc. But that would be an aweful lot of loos!

    Robin Fuller

  2. philip wragg August 26, 2013 at 9:43 am #


    I agree entirely that the attached Davis Langdon (DL) ‘gross’ floor at 7,722 sq metres appears to have been well over stated when compared to the atteched Government’s Valuation Office area for these offices of 4,871 sq metres.

    One thing to note is the Valuation Office would calculate their figures on a ‘net internal basis’ excluding WCs, fire escape corridors etc.

    One could say the difference between the two floor are a calculations would be a maximum of 15% which would take the Valuation Office’s gross area up to 5,602 sq metres though still well short of DL’s figure of 7,722 sq m.

    Davis Langdon in their report do not indicate that they measured the floor area – me guess is that they were just given the floor area by EDDC – of course it would suit EDDC to give a large floor area to support the need for a move.

    Would the architect plans that have been supplied by EDDC help work out the floor areas I wonder.

    Separately I did a FOI enquiry to EDDC some months ago and asked for a copy of the survey report showing the Knowle was in disrepair. The response was their was no written survey and it was just the verbal opinion of officers. Its a curious basis for making decisions as I cant see any qualified officers who are surveyors and you would have thought for a decison of such significance a proper survey would have been undertaken.

    The whole decision making process seems so dubious that this needs a reference to the ‘National Audit Office’ now rather than after the event. Shall I do the reference and let you know how it goes?

    I hope this helps.


    Philip Wragg Tel 01395 577 434

    • hibou August 26, 2013 at 10:09 pm #

      Do it! There is no evidence whatsoever that The Knowle is in a state of disrepair, unless you define disrepair as in need of a coat of paint.

  3. Medusa August 26, 2013 at 10:15 pm #

    EDDC officers and councillors tolerating offices in a state of disrepair – not a chance. Knowle offices will have been kept in prime condition until it was convenient for them to “deteriorate”.

    An FOI for ALL the consultants reports anyone? What possible commercial sensitivity could it have when WE are the owners of the building?

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