31 Oct


Is East Devon District Council transparent and trustworthy?

Thirty or so protesters didn’t seem to think so at yesterday’s demonstration outside the “confidential briefing” for councillors on the Knowle move.

Protesters made their feelings felt with banners, chants and even a song (Billy J Kramer’s classic “Do you want to know a secret?”)

Mike Temple in a statement to reporters for East Devon Alliance – which, with Save our Sidmouth and other community groups called the demo- said “this secret meeting is typical of EDDC’s behaviour. They failed to consult with the public BEFORE the Knowle relocation decision was made by the Cabinet.”

“Now, so-called “consultations” like the forthcoming one on November 8th are “empty public relations exercises.”

He went on to say, “The relocation is based on “false figures and a predetermined agenda” to justify the demolition of a historic building and the destruction of public gardens which were a valued community asset”. It was, “civic vandalism of the worst kind”

He predicted that the cost of this  “vanity project” -possibly involving a £4.8 million loan-  could threaten public services to the people of East Devon.

SIN’s favourite among the banners waved at arriving councillors was: “EDDC: BLIND TO LOCAL BEAUTY, DEAF TO LOCAL PEOPLE!”

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