“Conservative councillors are free to express their own views..”, says East Devon Party Whip

29 Nov

As published in our previous post today, Phil Twiss continues…..” and (they) frequently do, often disagreeing vocally within both our group on EDDC and publicly with what is proposed (I note an example of this illustrated by another correspondent in the same edition of the Herald in support of Cllrs Hughes and Troman), and voting according to their views. “

Cllr Twiss  has  unfortunately forgotten that the letter he cites is about the price paid by Cllrs Hughes and Troman for their outspokenness!! For those who missed it, here’s what Marianne Rixson wrote (Sidmouth  Herald, 22 Nov 2013):

Letter to the Herald in response to Graham Cooper’ letter last week.
‘Graham Cooper was right last week (‘Whose mandate?’Opinion) to highlight the weaknesses of our “democratic” system of local government where a minority of voters elect a massive majority of councillors of one party. In local elections it should not be the party candidate that people instinctively vote for, but the best man or woman for the job.
It is worth pointing out, however, that even  our defective electoral system does return some Majority councillors who think for themselves and represent the best interests of their community in defiance of the Party Leadership.
Sid Vale councillors Stuart Hughes and Graham Troman are good examples. They both proposed that the extravagant plans to move the Council HQ should be put on hold, and asked embarrassing questions about how  a 12.5 acre business park suddenly appeared in the Local Plan. They both pressed for a scrutiny committee investigation into the Council’s controversial relations with the East Devon Business Forum.
It has cost them dearly. Graham Troman’s dogged attempts to keep the investigation committee working have been obstructed at every turn by the Chief Executive.
Stuart Hughes was sacked as chairman of the Scrutiny Committee by the Leader of the Council whose leadership he blasted in the Herald on 17 May this year as “arrogant and spineless”.’

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